50 Awesome Clothing That You Can Made by Accident

Awesome Clothing That You Can Made by Accident. Clothing is a requirement that can not be avoided by various circles. Especially if the type of clothing is a shirt. Although not so formal, but the T-shirt is a type of clothing that is still in great demand by many people.

The material is comfortable and casual choice of many people to wear t-shirts. Especially if the design of the t-shirts that seem unique, will add a special attraction for many people to buy it.

Well, then the theme of any shirt design ya the most salable and a lot of interesting public interest? Curious? If you are a t-shirt designer, the 10 best-selling t-shirt design themes are mandatory for you to read.

Mirror of World Class Brand Clothing
Although the rules of plagiarism are forbidden and forbidden. T-shirts with design plagiarized brands such as ADIDAS, NIKE, GAP, D & G is in fact sells well.

Brand-imitated brand is actually actually sells hard because it can be purchased with a relatively cheap price.

Music Themes and Musicians

Music and fashion are two things that can not be separated. Both are related. Especially if the fashion and music lovers of teenagers and young people.

Can be guaranteed design of your t-shirts with band theme and music on the rise will certainly be in demand and can be sold out.

Theme of Football

Football is the sport of the most fans in the world. You can design your shirt with the theme of football. Whether it’s the design of a player, club or team image.

Cartoon Theme or Anime

Do not underestimate the cartoon character huh, because even though the shirts are in demand by young people, not infrequently they still love to watch anime, manga or cartoon cinema. If you want your shirt sold, designs with cartoon themes like Naruto, One Piece, Spongebob is worth a try.

Theme of Quote Words

The words are quote currently in great demand by various circles. Words that are designed in this T-shirt often curious people who want to read it.

You can try the design with the theme of these unique words if you want to design your shirt sell in the market

Theme About Korean Entertainment

Korean culture is indeed affecting in all joints of adolescent life. Whether it’s the drama series koreanya, boyband and girlband or artist and singer.

You can also design your shirt with Korean theme theme with its own characteristic. Sure your shirt will be much in demand by various teenagers.

Game Character Character Theme

Almost 70% of boys in Indonesia are addicted to the game. You can take advantage of this condition as a gap for you to design t-shirts with the theme of game characters.

For example currently being hits is gampe Pokemon Go, you can design the characters Pokemon, Point Blank, Counter Strike and DotA.

World Figures or Nationalist Figures

If you want your design to sell in the market, you can also use the design of famous figures in the world. Such as Albert Einsten, Karl Marx or Nelson Mandela. Can also nationalism figures in Indonesia such as Soekarno, Gus Dur or Ki Hadjar Dewantoro.

Community or Hobbies

The number of communities in today’s teenagers you can use in terms of designing clothes.

If there is a photography community for example, create a shirt that suits the community. The existence of T-shirts is a manifestation of the existence of the community in society and the world.

Picture City or Sightseeing

Design t-shirts with a picture of a city or a particular tourist spot you can also calculate in designing t-shirts. Semarang for example, the icon of this city is Lawang Sewu, you can design this shirt with Lawang Sewu image.