50+ The Art Of Bullet Journal : How To Plan Your Pens

The Art Of Bullet Journal : How To Plan Your Pens. Bullet journaling is a kind of analog planner. We use blank journals and pens to fill them. Digital planners in the form of mobile applications are already mushrooming everywhere, but I personally prefer to write it myself, forcing the fingers to exercise. Anyway, the smell of paper is more special than the smell of the phone, so well … that’s it.
Index Pages

In essence, the index is a table of contents, making it easy for us to find what we want to look for in the next pages.

Future Log

This is a page where we can see what things will happen in a year or six months or it’s up to us to set them up for how many months. And all that can be checked with just one look without the need to flip through the pages, a kind of mini calendar with notes of important days.

Monthly Log

There are no rules that tell us to start a bullet journal in January, so we’re free to start from anywhere, even mid-month. My own first start bullet journal is mid-October this year and kemusan until now. Well, in this new journal journal, I start from December.


This is fun bullet journals, we can add anything we like, let’s just book to read in a month, the movie you want to watch, where you want to visit, habit tracker and all kinds of other trackers, anything can.a