49 Tips For Creating The Air Plant Terarium

Tips creating the air plant terarium. Decorating the room with green plants is now a practical choice that is environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, not all plants have easy maintenance.

Maintaining the plants inside the house is a bit difficult because the humidity of the room and light are sometimes not ideal. As a result, plants quickly wither.

Alternatively, you can try decorating the room with a terrarium. This is the method of planting in clear glass containers.

This method has been known since 1842 but lately became a trend in the middle of the issue of global warming.

Terrariums are the most natural artificial biosphere because the biological functions that occur in the terrarium are similar to those occurring in nature.

With affordable materials, it turns out you can make this plant aquarium yourself lho. First prepare the materials needed.
Glass containers. Choose a glass container that is large enough to store the plants. This container you can get from the former aquarium, glass bottle or even a teapot.
Plants can be from succulents and cactus-kaktusan. The point is that growth is slow
Planting media: humus soil, small cut charcoal, spagnum moss and zeolite sand
Decorative materials such as colorful pebbles and natural stone and decorative sand that you can buy at a handicraft shop or an aquarium shop.
Ornaments, can be from miniature parks, shells, small sculptures toys and so forth.
Small shovels, spoons, chopsticks to simplify the application of materials one by one.
Well now let’s see the steps how to create terrarium:
Start by putting drainage of small colored pebbles on the bottom layer of the terrarium. This will keep your soil fresh.
Place the soil by giving the slit a hole large enough to put the roots of the plant. Make sure each layer of sand looks neat when viewed from outside the glass container. Make the soil layer the thickest.
Move the plants into the soil and cover neatly plant roots with soil
You can put several types of plants at once. Tidy and straighten the plants around the terrarium. Set it is garnished with ornamental knick-knacks


To treat terrarium, the way is relatively easy. Flush plants about 1-2 times each week. Make sure the soil remains moist, for the terrarium whose position is open. While a closed terrarium barely needs watering at all.

Avoid putting your terrarium container under direct sunlight. To keep the moisture awake, you can also spray water every day to the terrarium