46 Beginners Guide To Camping Essentials

Want to get the atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of a chaotic and pollution-free city? Camping is one of the activities that can give you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while eliminating fatigue. You will not only have the opportunity to enjoy fun activities with family and friends, but also to understand and appreciate the values ​​of life.

However, because life in the wild is so unexpected, you must be prepared for uncertainty, discomfort and some dangerous experiences while camping. Therefore, it is very important for you to prepare carefully to be able to deal with uncertainty in any form on beginners gyide to camping essentials.

Here is a list of equipment to bring when beginners go camping:


Tents are the most important essentials of all the equipment that must be taken while we are camping. Make sure you bring a tent large enough to be used with friends or family. In addition to maintaining security and safety, tents will also give you an experience to sleep under a clear sky and moonlight at night.

Sleeping Equipment

Another important tool not to be forgotten while camping is equipment essential that can provide comfort on uneven surfaces in the wild / forest. Sleeping equipment includes flysheets, mattresses, balaklava, sleeping bags, jackets / sweaters, woolen gloves, socks, long-sleeved shirts, trousers and Boxes.

Cleaning and First Aid Kit

Although not addressed by the crowd, first aid is the most important of all things essential you should bring when camping. A camping trip we will encounter a variety of surprises and unexpected terrain that can make you at times a small accident. First-aid equipment should also be equipped with hygiene kits such as towels, cotton, tissue, cottonbud, nail clippers, hand-washing soap, and alcohol for sterilization.

Anti-Insect Drugs

Insect bites are also something that can interfere with your comfort when camping in the wild. This bite can even transmit various diseases or cause infection. Therefore, it is advisable to bring along some mosquito / insect repellent, when out for camping.


Unexpected situations in the wild are exacerbated by the possibility of no light at night. Therefore, you are encouraged to bring matches, candles, and flashlights.


Clothing is not just the equipment camping essential you use right then, considering the weather and uncertain circumstances then we also need to prepare all kinds of clothing reserves. Therefore, it is advisable to carry important clothing and spare clothes such as mountain jackets, raincoats, t-shirts and reserves, stocking socks, and of course underwear.

Cooking Equipment

If we do not bring enough supply of cooked food, then bringing cooking utensils and equipment together becomes very important essential. We can bring together a portable pot, paraffin cooker as well as vegetables and other foods that can be cooked. Do not forget to pack and preserve the surrounding environment after cooking.

Navigation tools

Bringing maps and ropes is an important part of camping equipment, especially when you go to a place you just visited without a local guide. Other navigation tools you need to bring are compass, altimeter, ruler, notebook, and stationery.

Other equipment to carry:
Folding Knife and Machete
Identity Card

Hope can help for you who want for begineer guide camping essential. Do not forget to capture precious moments during a trip using a camera, camcorder, or notebook.