44 Homemade Fidget Toys For ADHD

Homemade Fidget Toys For ADHD. Although ADHD is often the target of jokes in movies and TV, this distraction is actually not funny for its bearers, who are actually trying to focus on serious work. Fortunately, mild to moderate ADHD symptoms can often be controlled by implementing behavioral and mental strategies designed to improve focus and attention. If these strategies fail, this does not mean the end of the world. There are various professional ways to help overcome ADHD disorders.
Have you ever seen someone who could not seem to stop tapping, twisting a pencil, or doing something else with repetitive motions while trying to focus on a job? If so, that’s the example of fidgeting here. Fidgeting is a fast and repetitive physical behavior that proves to increase focus especially on jobs that require a lot of attention without any distractions. For example, a doctor in a clinical study feels that chewing gum makes it easier to concentrate during surgery.

Keep in mind that some types of fidgeting may interfere with others, especially in quiet situations (eg in the exam room). Try using smooth fidgeting that does not make a sound and does not bother other people if seen. Moving your toes inside your shoes can be a good choice.
Another good idea is to use every opportunity you get to work while you move. For example, do not do your work while sitting still behind the desk. Instead, try working on a high table, standing up and moving from side to side. For non-handed jobs (such as answering important phone calls and listening to voice recordings), you can even do it while walking or pacing.
It has become commonplace that some people prefer to work while listening to music, including people with ADHD. Recently, researchers have clarified that listening to music can increase activity in the area of the brain called the DMN (Default Mode Network), which is responsible for controlling your potential to be disturbed by external stimuli.
Remember that there is one important principle to this trick: the music you listen to should be what you enjoy. Listening to music that you dislike has not been proven to improve focus power.