40+ Handy Tips About Kayak Rack For You

Handy Tips About Kayak Rack For You. Until now I’m still confused and was considering to install roofrack or crossbar in my father’s private car, why do I have to plug roofrack / crossbar? Because the luggage capacity of my dad’s personal car is very minimal.

Grand car livina, maybe already know what big the trunk behind him. While when out of town, or just call Idul Fitri, I have to bring clothes for 2 families. My father’s family and my mother’s sister’s family. If calculated the existing space is very less just for the clothes bag 😥

Roofrack or crossbar (I am still confused which is the right name 🙄) there are 2 types. The first type is roofrack or crossbar with clamp system.
The clasp system like this is arguably the safest type to install, because there is no change in the body of the car, and when it is off it is not damaging. Or arguably plug and play 🙂

I’m aiming for a crossbar or roofrack of this type. But in stores there are many types and types. And varied prices. So confusing, which is the best that can be installed in the grand livina.

The second type is a roofrack or crossbar that is attached to the body by using a bolt system:
Well for this type I have crossed off the list roofrack / crossbar which I will choose. Why? Because this installation is very “destructive” body innate car itself. In addition to punching the body, other minus thing is, there is a possibility of water seep from the hole used for roofrack / crossbar itself. Yes although it would be in re-seal, but did not close the possibility that the incident will come 🙂 🙂