30 Ways To Create A Kickass Smoothie Bowl Healthy And Easy

Way to create a kickass smoothie bowl healthy and easy. Smoothie bowl is a healthy food that is often discussed by the diet people. Healthy dieters and enthusiasts must know the smoothie bowl. Smoothie bowl is a dish of juice both fruits and vegetables that taste sweet and fresh. Served in a bowl and on it are placed a few pieces of frozen fruit, vegetables, protein powder, wheat, and ice cubes.

Smoothie bowl can be said to resemble a bowl of cold soup. Smoothie itself can be made by using any type of fruit and vegetables according to taste.

The calories in a bowl smoothie bowl come from the addition of ingredients such as granola, dried fruit, grated coconut, frozen fruit, oat powder and more.

The popularity of this healthy food can be said thanks to the ‘photogenic’ nature of the smoothie bowl. Smoothie bowl photos adorn Instagram pages of healthy food bloggers of the world.

This food was originally popular in America and slowly spread to other countries including Indonesia.

Pieces of strawberries, bananas, pineapple, and yogurt without taste. Smoothie served in a cool state is dominated by a beautiful pink color. It tastes a bit sour. Well, to consume it periodically, you can make this smoothie at home. The materials used are also easy to find in supermarkets.