30 How To Start Macrame DIY Hanging Pots In No Time

How To Start Macrame DIY Hanging Pots In No Time. Makramé (mek-re-mei) is the art / craft of stringing a rope into a knot in such a way that it becomes a useful or decorative form. This is one of the most popular handicrafts in America in the 1970s, which is now being favored again in the form of jute jewelry and knitted wallets. By using different types of knot and beading like beads, you can make your own makramé craft in short time.
Step 1:
Cut the rope along the 5 meters, then make a basic motif from the opposite direction, how to make this basic motif is complete in the book macrame and talikur bag. Then bend the basic motifs that are made and form a hole. The function of this hole is as a hook pot hook.
Step 2:
Unite the tip by making a basar motif with two ropes, note the picture
Step 3:
Well, here’s the result, the next step is to use a one-way basic technique, why, to make the difference between basic motifs and basic one-way motifs, and look more beautiful, because it looks like a twist.
Step 4
Began to combine with wooden beads
Then more complete please click the following picture to solve it