30+ Renaissance Living Room Interior Design

Renaissance Living Room Interior Design. European-style luxury home interior design is widely adopted in Indonesia, but is inspiring. Only certain parts that have elements of commonality. One style of European interior that is widely applied in Indonesia is renaissance architecture. In general, Renaissance Renaissance architecture has religious functions such as churches and chapels (relics and continuing Medieval buildings), palace buildings, administrative centers and residence houses of priests or merchants (who are respected members of society). The prominent theories in the building are application of the concept of strong symmetry, on the looks and space in the building.

The majority of the use of building materials / materials from marble on the interior and building colors that tend to monochrome or one color. The building is rich in decorative elements, both in interior and exterior buildings. The decorative elements are generally in the form of sculpture, relief and paintings. The theme of the decorative element generally symbolizes the characters or interpretation of nature and human figures, flora, fauna and landscape.

In the inner room, the walls and ceilings are generally coated with carvings (stucco) whose objects surround the flora, fauna and behavior of fauna and humans, masks, boats and shields. The use of sculptures combined with architectural details, both interior and exterior. There is a building fa├žade there are rows of columns with head decorated decorative floral elements, order order can be Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian.