200 Stunning Samples Of Glamping Tent, Glamour And Fun

If crave the outdoor holiday atmosphere, camping can be an alternative. It’s just how to vacation this one is often an obstacle for people who do not want to bother with all the equipment and variety of needs in the wild. However, it does not need to worry if choosing glamping tour.

Glamping or glamorous camping makes the participants do not have to bother preparing equipment, cooking themselves, or confused when going to the bathroom. In glamping, all the luxuries of an inn are found without losing the sensation of camping.

One of the glamping is in the area of ​​Nature Tourism Park (TWA) Mount Pancar, Bogor regency, West Java. Arriving there, Saturday (3/10/2015) midnight, looks big white tents made of canvas standing in the middle of a row of pine forests. Inside the tent there is a large mattress carpeted, a fan, and an electric outlet.

The four tents surrounded the long table used to organize the dinner menu and were equipped with barbecue tools. Not far from the tent, there is a walled and tiled bathroom.

“Glamping makes us able to realize the dream of staying in the woods comfortably. Without fear of interference, “said Yogi Gandaprawira, owner of Glamping Mount Pancar.

At nightfall, a meeting with family or friends can be done while enjoying the dishes that have been cooked by the officers. The dream of camping relaxing, joking, sharing stories, laughing aloud, or singing through the night manifested without hassle. “It feels good if camping but do not have to bother to cook and bring your own tent. The agenda is mandatory for glamping, yes, barbeques and photos to upload to Instagram, he-he-he, “said Sonny Hartawan (26), an insurance company employee who has twice glamping at the location.

The excitement grew perfect as the pine forest scented and felt the coolness of the mountain air as it woke in the morning. “What I like if the glamping on Mount Pancar is the calm atmosphere because it is in the middle of a pine forest, but its location is close to Jakarta,” Sonny added.

For a one-night stay in a tent that has been provided on Mount Pancar, each visitor is charged $ 33. For package stay with dinner and breakfast, the manager charge $ 39 per person.

At Mount Pancar, glamping is more fun with a variety of other activities, such as a tour to a hot water bath or trekking down a pine forest.

TWA Gunung Pancar is about 60 kilometers from the center of Jakarta. Drive for about two hours by expressway through Sentul City Toll Gate, then pass the Jungle Land tourist attraction before meeting uphill road towards TWA.

Hotel facility

If you want to feel the glamping with more luxurious facilities, Highland Park Resort-Hotel at the foot of Mount Salak, Bogor, could be one option.

After operating and popularizing Mongolian camps, the manager of The Highland Park Resort-Hotel is now offering a new atmosphere, the Apache camp. Camp complex is at the foot of Mount Salak and is located about 1 kilometer between the Waterfall Nangka and Curug Luhur famous as a natural attractions waterfall. Here, the air is still clean and cool, the location is quiet because the occupancy around the resort has not been crowded, accompanied by a charming mountain landscape and pamper the eyes.

Apache Camp consists of 27 conical tents that mimic the American Apache (Indian) Apache. In addition, there are two wooden house design barracks inspired by American pioneer residences. The tent is built of sturdy teak boards for walls and wrapped in thick white tarps. Floor of ceramic. The interior is decorated with a stretch of fabric. There is a bed that is very soft, wide, and comfortable. There are cabinets, flat-screen televisions, showers and luxury toilets.

Tents are reserved for couples. If added two children was still quite comfortable. Tents can be filled four people at a rate of Rp 1.8 million per night. In addition to the luxury of tents, other advantages are breakfast for two people and can enjoy other facilities in the resort, such as swimming pool, playground, and futsal field

Under the Apache camp there was a field planned for the establishment of new tents. Under the field there is a kind of terrace and a stage to gaze at the landscape of Mount Salak and Halimun. Barracks can accommodate up to 35 people at a rate of $ 550 per night. The facilities provided equal to the visitors tent. The interior of the barracks is also luxurious and well. Each barracks has eight bathrooms and toilets.
“We translate glamorous camping or glamping by providing tent lodgings, but the interiors of star hotels,” said Gringo Sartana, Operations Manager of The Highland Park Resort-Hotel.

The resort is known for offering the Mongolian Camp sensation that is also luxurious and wah. Apache Camp is a development of the Mongolian because the area of ​​the resort complex is still left 11 hectares and potentially built another facility.

Existing paid facilities are a classy restaurant, a rope rope, flying fox, duck boats, fishing ponds, horse riding, mini golf, spa tents, and karaoke.

Daud Ibrahim, President Director of The Highland Park Resort-Hotel, said the benefits and benefits of resort management must be restored to nature and tourism development as well as the people involved. David calls it FDI, not an extension of foreign investment, but the investment of the hereafter.

The resort is located on Jalan Ciapus-Curug Nangka, Sinarwangi, Sukajadi Village, Tamansari Sub-District, Bogor Regency. Located about 25 kilometers from the end of Jagorawi Toll Road in Baranangsiang, Bogor City

However, travel time to this location is difficult to estimate because traffic within Bogor City is often jammed, especially weekends and during the season
holiday. As an illustration, the resort can be reached from the city of Bogor less than 50 minutes if riding a motorcycle when traffic conditions crowded smoothly.

The food is delicious and interesting being the glamping appeal. The Highland Park Resort-Hotel Bogor offers a variety of dishes at Anthurium Restaurant, a multi-story building within the resort with views of Salak Mountain and Halimun.

One recommended menu is mongolian beef worth $ 5, a portion of white rice worth $ 1, and highland smoothy drinks worth $ 5 Other menus have steaks, oxtail soup, laksa, fried sprouts, plus a variety of traditional drinks.

Different again with glamping Mount Pancar, the manager has limited the menu for dinner with rice dishes, grilled chicken, and sambal. As for breakfast, the attendant served fried rice.

Glamping responded to the urban trends who want to adventure in the wild without having to bother. Just choose the type of glamping that suits the ability of the bag and adjust the holiday schedule. This weekend, may also be glamping ria.