20 Fidget For Kids

20 Fidget For Kids. Although not classified as a new toy, new spinner fintget toy trends in Indonesia starting early in 2017. Do not want to miss the opportunity, spinner online seller began to appear. One item that is played in this way is sold at a price ranging from hundreds of thousands per piece.

More like a propeller, the spinner fidget has a very handy size. This object is made flat, generally has 3 propellers each given a hole. The Spinner Fidget is used by rotating it with the finger just in the center.

Since the beginning of 2017, this thing has become popular in Indonesia. Where there is sugar, there is an ant. The adage also applies to the spinner trend. Much sought after, spinner sellers began to appear. One of the busy marketing media used is Instagram.

“I just sold this spinner since three months ago,” said Verawati when interviewed KONTAN, Monday (15/05/2017). Vera is the owner of the @hand_spinner_id account that sells various forms of spinner. He says, spinner is not the main business.

Vera was tempted to sell spinner after observing the trend. Initially, he knew this toy from the land of Uncle Sam. After seeing the potential market in the country, Vera began researching and supplying spinner to market.

“Actually the spinner is already there from the 1990s,” explained Vera. According to Vera, initially spinner is a toy that is used for therapy for children with autism with special needs. However, getting here, these toys are also popular for being able to kill boredom.

“Most people buy it is for the hobby, like a game gasing course,” said Vera. More than that, now in fact spinner fidget game has begun to be competed by some communities. In addition to pitting long laps, play tricks were also a concern.