20 How To Own Your Barn And Farm Sliding Door

How To Own Your Barn And Farm Sliding Door. The interior decoration of the dwellings keeps changing as the owner’s trends and interests change. The contemporary style is becoming one of interest now. This trend creates dwellings that remain modern, efficient, and maximally in terms of style and function.
One solution is sliding door or sliding door which is also popular with the name barn doors (warehouse door). In addition to space-saving, sliding doors can also dikreasikan athmosphere. With additional glass or frame for example.
In addition to saving space, the sliding door also functioned as a partition of space to the closet door. Historically, sliding doors are often found in agricultural barns and storage buildings. The sliding concept was applied to enlarge the door openings.

The return of sliding door trends began to occur approximately three to five years ago, when the minimalist style began much chosen by the urban. Not only solve the problem of “swing” on conventional doors, sliding doors also increase the aesthetic value in the design of the dwelling.

According to interior designer Katherine Suteja, the sliding door becomes a statement for homes that are also functional as do the chandelier or the grand staircase. Although not a new thing, he said, the sliding door is more save space and beautify the dwelling.
“Example of the use to separate the kitchen and dining room and want to be more spacious, the door can be opened,” he told National Day in Jakarta, Monday (15/5).
Katherine rate, increasingly varied sliding doors can match all the styles of the house. Interestingly again, he said, the sliding door was legitimate just put in any room. However, sliding doors are rarely applied as main doors due to security considerations.