181 Amazing Fidget EDC

Amazing fidget EDC. His name is the spinner fidget. The origin of the word fidget itself is from the word fidgetting, which means action outside the subconscious due to anxiety or boredom.

The spinner’s fidget is a small tool that can rotate with a counterweight in the middle. So the user can put his finger in the middle and rotate it by using another finger. This rotation occurs due to the gyroscopic effect, which is the same effect that occurs when riding a bicycle.

Since viral in social media, the spinner fidget has also become the lifestyle of its users. The price of spinner fidge was priced vary according to the shape and material used.



“The most popular is the form of a spinner fidget with one bearing to spin and three bearings as a counterweight, its name is a spinner toy fidget,” spinner user Dhina Putri Georgia said.

Crista Hopp, an ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) therapist from Virginia, USA said that fidget toys can reduce the habit for fidgetting.

“When other hands or limbs move, a person becomes more focused on what they have to do. Spinner helps to divert our body habits to move unconsciously, “he said quoted in health.usnews.com site.

Objects that are claimed as a powerful medium to eliminate bad habits on this hand, sold from the price of Rp50 thousand to millions. Riezky admitted, the price is determined from the type of spinner selected.