169 Best Tips Ever : Activities For Kids Outdoor Party

Best tips ever : activities for kids outdoor party. Taking into account their age-appropriate behavior:

• Age 1: A one-year party is usually more for a parent than a child. So, no need to apply games or detailed activities. Even so, do not forget to consider the child’s nap schedule so they will not get tired, Ma.

Recommended party length: ½ – 1 hour

• Age 2: Children of this age are more interested in the kind of games on offer than interacting with other children. In order for a successful birthday party, design a party theme according to the child’s age, Ma.

For example, do not expect your toddler can be patient waiting for his turn to play or share a toy, because they are still too small to share and be patient. In order not to cause excitement among the guests, choose a party activity that suits their age.

Use the guidelines below to plan a child’s party event
Playing the landing snakes, singing while clapping, and other group games can be a good choice for them.

Recommended party length: 1-1 ½ hours

• Age 3: Almost all children at 3 years of age love parties, diverse games, and of course play with their friends. We recommend avoiding competitive games or those involving only one child. Try gameplay with simple rules and also many stories.

Recommended party length: 1-2 hours

• Age 4: At this age, their physical energy is expanding. But because the kids get tired when they are engaged or playing, you have to be smart in preparing their game choices. Good choice, for example, hunting presents or other outdoor games.

Suggested party length: 1½ – 2½ hours

• Age 5: 5-year-olds are very eager. When you hear the word ‘party’, what he imagines is fun things, such as gifts, games, cakes, and delicious drinks. You can already involve your little one in planning the exciting activities at the party. In order not to feel burdened later, select the activities that he used to do and master.

Suggested party length: 2 hours

• Age 6: This is a good time to plan a party outdoors. At this age, children already have their own ideas and ideas about how a party will last. Listen and take his idea, Ma! Is not this the party?

Recommended party length: 2-3 hours