115 How To Rock Camper Makeover Ideas Before And After For Rent To Stand Out

Maybe among us there are dreaming of the streets to the sights using vehicles with facilities such as houses. Vehicles that have complete facilities ranging from bedding, cooking supplies or other entertainment needs. The vehicle abroad is known as the Recreational Vehicle (RV). Beyond the city, RV is commonly used by families for sightseeing. Starting from a small size that is a modification of minivan to RV large bus size that has a super complete facilities. In Indonesia, RV is not popularly used as a tourist vehicle so we will be hard to find a car dealership in Indonesia that specializes in selling RV or motorhome vehicles.
But for those who want to taste it in Indonesia has been there who rent a home motor for picnic needs, although with a limited area.

1. Jakarta VW Campervan

This family business is located in Jakarta, providing several motor VW type (Volkswagen) that has been modified. Not only provide complete facilities for our camping needs with the family but can also be used by photographers because VW artistic look to be photographed with a retro theme.

The price offered varies depending on the type of VW that we rent. Rental rates start from 2 million per day, if we rent longer the price is cheaper. For example if we rent 2 days, the price becomes 3.2 million or 1.6 million per day. If you want cheaper, can rent a week. When compared with the price of regular car rental is much more expensive. Example of Innova rental price for 2 days, we just set aside fund 1.8 million. But of course the sensation of traveling by using VW is going to be different than using a regular vehicle.

Managers also provide complete camping equipment for rent, such as folding chairs, dome tents, etc.

Modified VW Combi Vehicle Type
Price Range 2-2,5 jt / day, 3,2-4 jt / 2 day, etc.
Coverage area of ​​Jakarta, West Java
No Contact +62 813 1031 4210 for booking
Source Website Jakartavwcampervan.com

2. Majesty Motorhome

Belitung Island is known for its natural beauty and sea views. Well, now we can eksplore the beauty of Belitung with more style. Starting March 14, 2015, Majesty Motorhome has been launched on Belitung Island. With a more professional management, Majesty Motorhome is expected to start the trend of using RV to visit tourist area in Indonesia.

The leased vehicles are medium-size Motorhome vehicles from Isuzu Elf vehicles that are modified into vehicles with complete and comfortable facilities. Facilities provided ranging from fold-out mattress, 32 inch LCD TV, 1 PK AC, bookcase, etc.

In addition to renting motorhome vehicles, Majesty Motor home also prepare various equipment to complete your journey. Equipment include: tent, trampoline, folding chair. In addition to equipment, Majesty Motor home also provides special activities for penyewanya, such as Motor home Park, a special park that can be used to rent a motorhome to stay, tour packages such as snorkeling, boat rentals, etc.
Isuzu ELF Vehicle Type modified
Price Range 2M / day
Coverage of Belitung region
No Contact +62 21 5703188 (Jakarta), +62 81929660999 (Belitung)
Website Source majestymotorhome.com