100 Tips For Effortless, Make Ahead Meals For The Week Families Tips

100 tips for effortless, make ahead meals for the week families tips. Busy? Working outdoors? Many activities? No maids? Do not be confused, we can still serve delicious and healthy food for the family with cooking once a week.

Cooking once a week does not mean cooking whole cooked dishes at once. But make a semi-finished dish so keep it fresh when cooked on the day. For example, meat was dipungkul first and stored dikulkas, while seasoning cooked half cooked, so the time in the cemplung-fresh still.

Cooking once a week does help mothers who work like me, especially if they do not have an assistant to stay or assistants can not cook. Be I have to go down to my own kitchen every morning (although I’m also not good at just trying to give the best for the family). At preparation once a week, my assistant devotes to weeding and cleaning food. Although once a week, I not only think about the practical aspects, because the most important is how to make food fresh, nutritious and of course delicious.

The purpose of cooking once a week for me is to shorten the time. I divided two types of cooking:

1. a relatively inconvenient dish when preparing and
2. the old cook it.

The relatively inconvenient cuisine of the preparation for example is the soup. Although easy to make, but for the busy enough troublesome to wash and cut up a variety of vegetables. Therefore I do the work up front. Closed vegetables wrapped in plastic and stored in the refrigerator.

The second type, for example rawon or spicy acid meat. Meat is dipungkep or cooked with presto, then stored in a tightly sealed place in the refrigerator.

How to cook once a week? Easy enough. Here are tips:

Set menu at the beginning of the week, for example Saturday or Sunday. Shop at once and prepare dishes for the week of the day. When designing dishes in advance, choose ingredients that do not take much time and energy in working on them.
Always wash the vegetables before they are stored in the refrigerator. If carrots, beans can be cut before entering the refrigerator, kale and spinach should be washed and discarded the roots first. Therefore, such vegetables will lose its freshness when stored in a state of dismember.
When planning to cook with extra sweet corn, pipil first corn, boil briefly with a little water plus a little sugar. Insert it in a small plastic bag. Each bag for one dish. Put it in the freezer. With so the taste and nutrient content in corn awake.
When designing some dishes with basic ingredients of meat, ungkep meat, half-cooked. Or when using a press pan, 1 kg of meat can produce 5 liters of broth. Put in five plastic bags, put in the freezer. Broth is needed as a liquid for soup, rawon, goulash, which we will light up later.
Prepare spices, such as red peppers, ginger, galangal, onion, garlic milled. If the situation is very troublesome, make seasoning so each dish, cook half cooked. Enter the refrigerator.

Wrap the half-baked ingredients in a separate plastic for one cook. Better label and date put it in the refrigerator.
On the day of presentation, we live frying tofu, tempeh, crackers in addition. To know .. boil it first with a little salt before it is stored so as not to sour
Always provide fried onions in the wardrobe. Fried onion is a food flavor that can arouse appetite.
Well to save time, maybe the following tip could be a clue. Believe deh, faster and cooking tools are also not much out.

When you have time, cut onions or onions more or less, because the onion slices can be stored in the freezer. When will be used, you just remove it.
Cook with small portions. Skotel made in a large dish, longer mature, rather than skotel is contrived in a small dish – small.
Cut meat or other food that takes long cooking time, in small pieces so that the meat quickly ripen.
Make basic seasonings. Believe me how useful the basic flavor. Because really from a basic spice, we can create a variety of dishes just by adding different soy sauce and sauces, for example.
Peel seasoning, vegetables, potatoes or fruit on top of the newspaper. Until you finish, you just throw it away, without the need to sweep first.
Cover the frying pan when frying fish or squid, so that the explosion of oil does not contaminate the floor or stove.
Blend or poke spices, always starting from the same flavor. For example, you will make sour vegetables and chili paste. Start by smoothing the sauce ingredients. After that you do not need to wash your blender or cobek when making a spice vegetable acid. Because the spices are made from onion, chili and shrimp paste, you just add pecan. But it’s impossible make ingredients of tamarind first, because sambal does not use pecan.